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YUKK Payment Gateway Mendukung Pengusaha Kecil dengan Penyesuaian Tarif Nol Persen

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Jakarta – YUKK Payment Gateway has adjusted the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for QRIS transactions in line with Bank Indonesia’s regulations on the use of QRIS for micro businesses (UMi).

According to CMO of PT YUKK Kreasi Indonesia, Ngo Agustino, this rate adjustment is a form of active support from YUKK Payment Gateway for the government’s micro business digitalization program.

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“With a lower MDR rate, it is hoped that micro businesses can more easily accept digital payments through QRIS,” said Ngo Agustino quoted on November 30, 2023.

He emphasized that YUKK Payment Gateway’s adjustment of the MDR rate for QRIS is not only about complying with the rules, but also actively supporting the growth of small businesses. “This is expected to expand usage,” he said.

The applicable MDR rate for QRIS at YUKK Payment Gateway for Micro Businesses (UMI) with a transaction value of Rp100,000 is 0.3 percent.

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Agustino revealed that by utilizing QRIS, small businesses have the potential to increase sales by accepting QR-based payments from various methods. Furthermore, it improves branding and current image, making it more practical as it only requires one QRIS for various types of payments, and provides security against counterfeit money and change management.

“Transactions are automatically recorded and can be accessed at any time. It also facilitates reconciliation and prevents potential fraud in cash transactions,” he concluded. (*)

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